Copy of Miss Sara Thomson’s Journal

Written in the Year 1809

Thursday, June 22, 1809.
Started for Tuckerton the weather very damp—met with a smart Beau in my walk down the Ferry—he immediately joined and escorted us safe over—we bid him adieu—walked up to the house to take our passage the stage as they called it for to me it had more the appearance of an old Jersey wagon such as they go to market in but there was no use in complaining we started, nine passengers in all, the back part of the stage was stuffed full of bags banboxes without number—one poor old man about 80 years of age—the poor soul was cramed in among them to beshure he had a soft seat but the Ban Boxes they where flat enough and there contents wich where principlely Sunday Bonnets for the Tuckerton Bells—stopted at Haddonfield saw Mrs Bolton very much pleased with her—she made many inquires after Mr Wests family—he was very socible. dined at Ever Ham Pewter plates and Wooden spoons Landlady rather short very good peas and pretty good lamb-currant pie sweet with molasses Left Mr Bennet got pretty well in the Pines and heavy sand caught in a thunder storm Lightning one says O, dear, O my O I wish I was with the old man among the Ban Boxes—the stage leeked spoiled my pretty Bonnet blessed the stage and its proprietors and the old ragged curtains, arrived safe through all our troubles at quaker Bridge, had a very good supper, clames in abundance good coffee very good beds landlady very kind, Charles complained of the rats said they bit his ear could not discover any mark must of drempt it swears he did not started next morning at daylight very pleasant ride after the rain, the driver polite he stopped several times to pick up magnolies water Lily &c arrived at Tuckerton to dine found them all well Aron’s eyes as large as ever too large for my comfert some how, made my mind up not to look at them had the misfortune to get oppossit to him at table change my posion Judg monsterous polite, Susan and Josephine sweet children fine fine weather fine sperits in fine every thing that is fine and clever

June 23
took it out in resting and talking, no mosquitoes great appetite that day

June 24
take my turn in druming at the piano walk in the evening very serene walk around Hanover square very fine wheat the Judges land very highly cultivated

June 25
Charles and Aron go a guning not much luck great fatigue and little game poor fellows had to cream there faces so blistered with the sun Charles tore a great hole in his back and Sally had to mend it had a dance in the evening C & A did not come home till 2 oclock staid out sparking sad fellows mama scholded did not mind it

June 26
Fine took a ride down to the salt works the Horse very troublesome would not go sulky Devil however conquered him at last had a fine view of the bay returning back saw a 4 footed animal sticking in the mud up to his neck he seemed to sit very composed he fell through the railing of the Bridge and it was impossible for him to extricate himself without asistance the alarm was given pretty quick and the poor creature releeved

June 27
Very cool put on our flanin peticotes sewed a little that day introduced to some fine girls in the evening had a dance enjoyed myself very much mama and the Judg led down the dance Aron was my pardoner he dances very well Elsa looked very pretty

June 28
invited to a quilting frolic 20 round the frame looked at them a little while and come home went to bed and had a nap dreamed of Arons eyes and cryed because I had not them most crazy pain in my face staid out too long in the night air dose it up with Garlid had a fine ride in Judg Cranes carriage and Tandam rode up to see Mr Deacons country seat fine prospect but nothing else to recommend it mama taken very with the cholic all very much frightened hot——oil laudanum &c much better (28) able to ride out must not eat any more radishes had a fine walk intghe woods find tea berry leaves love them dearly see a great black snake got off before we could kill it magnolies in abundance C & A picked a fine parcel to decorate the chimney

June 29
embarked for the Beach Judges family mama Charles and myself fine breeze but notwithstanding me with some trouble on our road such as getting a thump with the oar now and then but low and behold we all got betared my pretty silk peticote is gon to the shades blessed Capt Gale from the bottom of my heart, got safe to the Beach and found the landlady in the straw set about to get breakfast Eliza made the short cake Margrett the coffee I opened clames and laid the table C & A split some wood to make the kittle boil made up a very good breakfast went to take a nap dreamed of the Shaddow thought we picked L___ and John up half drowned on our Beach give them some coffee and short cake Just a going to look at the wreeck when up comes Mag and wakes me the Shaddow and all is gon not a vestage left not even poor L___ all a dream blame it so it was

June 30
very bad back ake tried to clean my peticote got the stomach ake could not do anything with it prepared to take ride the Horse got into a mulish fit and the Devil could not move him 4 at his head and C at his tail beat punched and poaked in every quarter all would not avail give up our ride when low and behold the Judg knocked down for dead did not lay long got up pretty quick and started spanish round Hanover square and so round about till he was tired

July 1
took a walk in the afternoon called to see old Dinah clever old soul but she did not give us any chereis Josey was a bed could not see him continued our walk Aron and I lost our company some how or another obliged to walk home alone found my walk very agreeable notwithstanding—introduced to Dr Garrison very tall, fine eyes commanding figure no fault excepting his pantiloons being different couler and coat tail too short and looked too much at Margrett got jelious she too to crown all looked uncomonly hansome that evening he loves her I do think but I suspect she don’t care much for him had the honner of his company to dance very good spring jumps admirable had like to upset Miss Deacon in one of his springs he lodged with us that night snored very well prevented me from sleeping.

July 2
sweet day all went to meeting very much pleased with Mr Budd, preched with moderation some of the good folks growned very much, come home wrote some poetry on Dr Garrison and Magrett he left us in the afternoon Margrett sighed and I went to bed, dremp nothing walked in the evening Charley still at Deacons mother don’t like it sends over for him wont come sent Margrett for him through cherry stones at her, give Charley a pinch and brings him off the Deacons swear vengence Charles not a bit pleased Margrett is scolded for interfearing and me too for taking Charleys part all this work for a little innocent sparking poor fellows how I pity them

July 3
notwithstanding all this went over to Deacons again for our strings Sally Deacon tied Charley our mother looked very grum took a walk down to the launch was chased by a mad bull was deprived of our walk met with Judg wanted get on behind him would not let me because the Horse would kick up of course I would meet with the same fate and that would not be so clever, came home just time enough to set down to a captial dinner—turtal soup dessert cold custard flitters drank to the Francis and the Shaddow wished them safe home thought of Miss Nixon and Maria determined not let my sweet heart go to sea that is when I get one swoarn enemy against engagement if you love each other that enough

July 4
rather dull damp rainy the people seemed to caught the infection and appear sleeping away the most glorious day a day that gave them Freedom cleared up in the afternoon people begin to stir I hear the cannon, ___________ Tuckertonians begin to shew themselves this day must be remembered, oration was read, toast was drank, got quit over there lethergy, and the 4 of July was celabrated in stile, took a ride—run over a great stump had to get out, began to put a prayer, Horse began to be mulish, began to pray in earnest, how to get home, fortune smiled, got in again arrived safe, spent the afternoon at Deacons, Mrs Deacon a fine old woman one of her daughteres very hansome had a dance in the evening Eliza looked butifull dance till 12 oclock had plent of cherry pie looked up me and Aron in the dark took it out in dancing

July 5
sweet day walked in the morning got a rideing the saplings in the afternoon took a ride on horseback went to meet C. & A did not seed but on tract Nancy Deacon greatly distressed about it found out two tracts at last give our nags a cut tore through the woods like too furies met the gentlemen at last and low and behold they got speechless thought we was some crazy girls soon convinced them to the contrary returned home our ride lay through a butifull woods violets magnolies and roses the evening very mild went a sparking

July 6
went to Hawken in the afternoon the Judg and mama Charles Margrett and Miss Deacon rode in the waggon Aron and my pretty self went in the gig very pleasant ride just got in the door and it began to rain arrived at Mr Grays very much pleased with the family indeed, quaker but so kind and every body so fat, fine prospect from the bay staid all night room too close had like to smother 4 of us in one room knocked my elboz against the petition——found the musquitoes troublesome.

July 7
left Grays ferry call at Judg Cranes very good kind of a man called at Hawken went a shopping seen Kaly Wright bought a pair of shoes of him and a thimble he looked quit smiling grown very fat got some string and started for Tuckerton took some cake and wine too tired to dance in the evening set ourselves down to a dish of Politics as we where all Demoes could not of had much agreement stage arrived flew to hear the news did not get any letters read the papers

July 8
introduced to Mr Dean monsterous man to beshure a second Goliah he talked much of Caly Wright runed down Samy smith did not thank him for it tooked samys part soon got in a good humer again for he told me Caly and Dr Sant was coming the next day to see us Margrett dashed away at cleaning house suds began to fly brushes and soap Dear O Dear every thing begin to change couler even the very brick in fact where ever she touched her hand it began to shine

July 9
fine day indeed We have the finest weather in the world here went to quaker meeting got the back ake no wonder had no back to the benches no preaching people go to nodding come to a very good dinner got lowspirited for low and behold the doctor and Caly never come they had quarterly meeting in there town no wonder staid to see the pretty girls I suppose had Aunty Chases company in the afternoon took a walk in the evening went over to Mr Deacons saw Danney Shin right clever little fellow looks very hard at Sally Deacon Sally looked quite interesting

July 10 Monday
a party of us went to Bass river about miles had walk on the river fine supper boiled chicken coffee and short cake went after a fiddle, mans wife not let him come all tearing mad had a great notion to go and tye the woman and fetch the husband off concluded to dance by our own music started for home at nine kept it up a dancing after we got home till 11 oclock

July 11
started for the Beach mama Eliza myself Aron and Charles pleasant sailing found the landlady runing about as well as ever coffee short cake and shell fish for dinner all went in the surfe but me how funny mother looked when she come from behind the white hills in her white flanin peticote put me in mind of one of the witches in Macbeth

July 12
very cool did not go in the surfe went a rideing in the ox cart hunted bird eggs Charley got a hankerchief full fetched them home to make egg nog found them all full of young ones Ha ha ha had a great laugh upon Charley—and poor mother as I got out the cart tilted up and down went mother with her head in the sand her eyes turned up—we all thought she was gone to Davy Jones Locker she was stuned at the time but soon recovered very bad pain in her head that night was very uneasy about her was afraid her brain was affected but it appeared to be the Rhumatism

July 13
mama much better C and A went a fishing no luck took a long walk on the Beach come home with a wonderfull appitite drank a quart of butter milk they called me Miss Guzzel brake my peticote string every day shall certainly get too fat

July 14
fine day all went in the surfe find myself very much refreshed went to sleep got up with a great appitite Aron and me went a walking on the Beach the sea looked grand the roaring of the waters and the white foaming waves all seamed combined to add to the buty of our walk meet Charley agoing again in the surfe his suspenders broke and he seemed to be in such trouble about his small cloths that I turned about and walked homeward, was agreeably supprised found some of our acquaintance from the city very glad to see them tho we did not know where to put them great consultation agreead to put C and A on the floor to sleep could not sleep for thinking what a heard berth they must have had great mind to give them a piece of my bed

July 15
give up our place at the Beach for our city friends detained by a sloop to take some groceries for some of the Tuckertonians mama did not like it a bit, set in one of Mr. Horners chairs hope no body wont tell Mr Horner arrived safe to dinner found the greene yard decorated with the Harvest table I glad of it put my mind upon carrying the Luntion heard that Reuben Tucker was married don’t believe it

July 16
Sunday morning fine day went to here Mr Mills preach liked him pretty well quit refined in some of his idea people did not understand him some went to sleep had preaching at quaker meeting had a walk in the afternoon Aron Miss Deacon and myself lost the rest of our company so we bent our way to old Josey Ridgway found him sitting up and a young man reading the Bible to him did not stay long went to see old Dinah nice old creature came home went to get some dew berrys could not find any we all walked round Hanover square about 20 times

July 17
got a making cards to play wist had a sort of pack but not enough Aron made king and Queen did very well plaid wist got teriblery beet

July 18
Ceres godness of plenty must not be forgoten she is keeping in her favour the reepers are crowding in for there diner seemed to like there rice pudding very much took a peep at them through the window round went the can the jest the glee took a liking to one with the blue jacket He cleverest looking I think but I have heard that parted from his wife don’t like that much and she was a mighty pretty woman too what a pity seen Pat Towers Beau——old bear wore a white had talked about his old flame Patty he appeared to be a clever soul

July 19
most terrible day got the Blue Devils not only me but mother even our Philorei Aron would not smile no not for a kingdom got mad at last went up stairs got to singing the only way to forget myself had some talk in the evening got so mad went to bed mama very uneasy about the boys the wind blew very hard thought of the Francis and the shaddow

July 20
a death poor old Jack fell down in the night could not get up again took a spasm ended with the lock Jaw poor creature drawn off to the woods for the crows to pray on quit a loss to the Judg walked in the afternoon for huckleberrys musqutoes plenty and Tick O Ticks by thousands scratched all night run over to see Sally Deacons bed quilts but the best of all was brought me a quart bowl full of huckle berrys and milk quite a treat

July 21
receive letters great joy one from Brother sam delighted to here he visit with his cousin Anthony at Fyall mad at Joe for not writing so taken up with partys got a letter from cousin Dick—thinks I am going to be married—very much mistaken news from aunt ________ Bert sends her complyments to Dr Hamm how disappointed she will be—no Dr Hamm here yet wished he would come—expect them next week should like to see them took tea at Dr Towers very clever family there House very pleasantly situated fine view of the bay dance in the evening taken with a very bad headake leave the dance fever in my head get frightened come home go to bed take some cordial sleep pretty well

July 22
Saturday find my head much better crimp shirt and darn stockings look hard for Dr Garrison don’t come try the woods again for huckleberry got enough to eat but the woefull insects wont let us alone come home most bit to death spent very quiet evening M B T played for somehow felt myself very happy that evening dreampt a queer drame about aunty Streitchs family

July 23
lovely day talk of going to quaker meeting changed our minds & all go to here Mr Jenkins preach disapointed Mr Jenkins sick great many of the good folk prayed most terible Loud was ready to come out several times Mr Wardell brought us a fine parcel of dew berrys in the evening

July 24
nothing particular excepting my being very much troubled with the headake occationed by my eating too much milk cant help it I do love it so

July 25
still bad headake they tell me about takeing salts blame the salts and I must be bled to and pucked by all that lovely begin to think about coming away

July 26
fine weather Tuckerton is certainly a very healthy place never hot here they have such fine sea breezes—sick stomake it is the milk I have give it up they wont give me a drop to save my life they say can not think of taking medicine after being so hearty

July 27
my headmuch better getting out of the notion of pucking Mr Evens family and Deacons are all gon to the Beach talk of bringing the violin over and having a dance up at the Tavern

July 28
could not get the fiddle so all the dancing knocked in the head had a little kick up of our own in the evening danced fishers hornpipe and what beet all the Judg can tire us all out at dancing I could not join in there dance so went to bed sick

July 29
a lovely day every body in a good humer see Nathan Willis nathan clever looking fellow saw Odediah Squeek just come skunks misery Lord help him I say it is enough to make him squeek to some purpose