Upland Court Record

Record of Upland Court - 1680

UPLAND COURT.                          165

8 June 1680                XCelle or HIis E .. Govern Edmund Andros haueing Renewed ye Commission foor the magistrates of upland County in Delowar River, ye same was Read publicqly att Upland ye 8 of June 1680; & stands hereunder Recorded vizt:


                                                          SR' EDMUND ANDROS Knt: Liev and [Loco SIGILI] governlor                             dr

Genee and vice admirall un

his Roy':' Highnesse James Duke of

Yorke and albany &c: of new Yorke & dependences &c in america, By vertue of the authority derived unto mee I: doe hereby in his may'es name Constitute appoint and authorize you Mr Otto Ernest Coch M' Israll helm Mr henry Jones, Mr Lawsa Cock and M" Geo: Browine to bee Justices of ye Peace in ye Jurisdiction of Upland Court or County in Delowar River & dependences, and any three or more of you to bee a Court of Judicature giving you and Every of you fuull Power to act in ye s Imployment according to Lawe anid ye Trust Reposed in you, of w all prsons are to take notice, and give you the to yordue Respect anid obediennce belonging     Places in discharging of yors dutys.

    This Commission to bee of foorce foor ye: space of one yeare from the Date hereof or till fuurt~her order. Given under my hand & Seale of the Province in New Yorke this 28" day of may annoq. Domini 1680 Past ye office                 (was subscryed)          E. ANDROSS MATTHIAS NICOLLS Secr:

166                               RECORD OF

8 June 1680

According to ye afoorestandinig Commission were sworne for Justices of ye Peace of Upland County Viz

                   MRR OTTO ERNEST Cocu       MR ISRAELL HELM           MR HENRY JONES      MR LAURENS COCK               NY George Browne not being prsent this Sessions, t'was

ordered that notice hereof should bee sent him to appeare att ye next Court;

UPLAND COURT.                         167

8 June 1680

                       Att                                             a Court held att Upland in Delowar    River on ye 2 Teusday being ye 8' day of                 ye month of June in ye: 32 Yeare of his                                ties   may Raigne annoq Dom: 1680    W OTTO ERNEST COCH                                       prsent                                        MR ISRAEL HELM Justices            MR HENRY JONES                                                                     MR LAURENS COCK


The P't demands of this deft by ballannee of accompts ye

N' James Sandelands, who is so often mentioned in the Record, was one of the most conspicuous persons in the early history of Upland County. With a younger brotlier' whose name was Jonas, he came here from Scotland, probably as early as 1672' and was a large holder of property on the river. He married Ann' the daughter of Urine Keen, and died the 12th of April, 1692, aged 56, leaving a dau.‑bter' Catharine Yeates' who was married to Jasper Yeates' a native of Yorkshire, England. Mr. Yeates was educated to the profession of the law' and afterwards became one of the Provincial Judges, and was the grandfather of Judge Yeates, of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. Sandelands also left another daughter, the wifoe. of George Foreman, and the following minor children, James' Jonas and Christian, Mary and Lydia. James Sandelands, the son to whose liberality St. Paul's Church at Chester was much indebted, died in 1707' aged about 29 years, and his widow' Prudence, afterwards became the wifoe of Henry Munday.

The engraving which foorms the Frontispiece to the Record, is taken from a mural tablet in St. Paul's Church at Chester. The tablet is massive' and of gray sandstone, and is iutereresting from the excellence of its execution' and as a specimen of early art.


By the tablet being broken, there was chipped off a smtll piece which contained the

year of death.In an Rttispt at restoration, the fngures 1682 were cut instead of i692.

168                              RECORD OF

8 June 1680

sume of twoo hundered & seven gilders, foor w' he Craues Judgem wt Costs;

The deft ounes ye debt but desires some respit to get in ye wheat feor pay The Court doe order Judgemt to bee Enterred ag ye deft foor 207 gilders wt' Costs, vllr stay of Execution until next Courtday.

HENRY TREDWAY by witt: pit

warner his attorney      I

WITT: BEARD                     Def t

The P1 demannds of this deft: ye sume of 62 gilds:

The deft: sa, es to baue paid the debt by ye Plts order y

unto walter wharton deceased; ordered that the deft bring

his witnesses att ye niext Co

JOHN TEST               pit t I Pit & deft. both absent


a non suit ordered agst ye P1 and ye deft. in defaault;

HIS WIFE ANN SANDELANDS." Its faace is divided into two p6rts' the upper bearing in cipher the initials J. S. and A. S., the arms of the Sandeland faamily (Ar. a bend az.), and the representation of a plate' foor which an inscription may have been intended. On the border dividing the two parts are carved the words VIVE MEMOR. 'LEIII PFUGIT bRA. The lower half contains many emblems of mortality' the Tolling Bell' the Passing Bell' the Empty hour Glass' the Skull and Cross bones, an upright coffin bearing on its sides the words "MEMENTO MORI," "TThE BErM," and in either corner, crossed, a sceptre and mattock, and mattock and spade.

This tablet was removed to the exterior of the cliurch many years since, in consequence of its interfering with some repairs, was there defaaced with whitewash, and finally broken in half. Through the exertions of Dr. J. M. Allen, of Chester, it has been carefully cleaned, and placed in the vesti bule of the new church (Deed Book A., p. 13. Court Minutes, 1692. "Petition of Prudence Munday, late Sandelands," West Chest,,.‑Adinin. istrations, 1708, Book B., p. 67, Philada.).


8 June 1680

GUNLA ANDRIES Late wyfee pit to Pieter andries deceas f

JoNAs NIELSEN        Deft

The P't Sues to bee put in Lawftull Possession of some Land att Kingsesse according to Pattent from Govermir. R: Nicols and Severall feormer orders of this Court w Land is to this day by the Deft detayned;

The debates of both partees being heard, & ye Pattent & former orders of Court Examined; The Court Doe confirme the feormer orders of this Court in that Case made and doe order the Sherrife to Put the P't in Possession of ye Land according to Pattent & ye s foormer orders of this Court;

Capt Edmunnd Cantwell was by the Co' ordered to deliver unto Laurens Cock the Pattents wch are in his hands belonnging unto John Ashman & Sam: Jeckson feor Land about duke R Creeke pursuant to his hono' ye Governor! order:

Upon the Peticon of William Clarke, The Cor :t doe grant

him Liberty to Cause a Resurvey to bee made of his 200 acres of Land in Nieshambenies Creeke;


Upon the Peticon of Peter Cock senior, The :t doe Granit him Liberty to take up twoo huimdered acres of Land wh heretofeore hath not ben granted taken up or Improoved,

he seating & Improoveing the same according to orders & Regulacons of ye Governor

Upon the Peticon of Neeles Jonassenn the Court doe

Probably Duck Creek, Delaware.

170                              RECORD OF

8 June 1680

grant him Liberty to take up twoo hundered acres of Land w1' heretofeore hath not ben granted taken up or Improoved by others hee seating & Improoveing ye same according to Lawe & Regulacons;

Upon the Peticon of Thomas fairman the Court doe grant him Liberty to take up twoo hundered acres of Land w heretofeore hath not ben Granted or taken up by others,

,*,,hee seating & Improoveing the same accordinng to orders Lawe & Regulacoins;


Upon the Peticon of Henry Jacobs the doe gramit him to take up twoo hundered acres of Lam‑‑nd w hereto‑, foore hath not ben Granted taken up or Improoved by others, hee seating & Improoveing ye same according to Regulacon & Lawe;

Upon the Request of moens Staecket The Court haue Released him of ye bond of Good behauior, whereunto hee was bounid heretofeore by the Cort w' this Caution that hee for the fuuture behaues. himselfee soe that no Just Complaint may aize against him on ye acct. of his future ill behauior.

Itt being Represented to ye Court by ye Conistable an­

dries homman, that Claes Cram Lives in adulte Wth

my ye wyfee of Benk Salung, ordered that if ye Conistable shall for ye future perceive or.heare ye same anymore that bee

apprehend them & cause them to bee bound ouer to ye next Court.

Itt was this day by the Co taken Into Consideracon; &

UPLAND COURT.                         ill

8 June 1680

ordered that for ye defrrayinig of ye Charges of this Courts

, annd also Sitting Each person shall Pay Jearly one Scipple of wheat or 5 gilders according to foormer order & Practi,,e

stice Otto Ernest att Tinnageong IslandY bIroaghatIlu,tuhte Jaurrier of ye foOrmer Jears bee delivered &

such as proove neglective to be foetched by ye Constable by way of restraymit.

t of ye fo

ollowing Surveys

Richard Noble ye iSurveyCororof this County of Upland

this day made Returnie in

ed prSOUS ViZt

made for ye afternamn

a survey foor anciries ‑Boen of 200 acres of Land

foor William Clayton               206 acres       for Christiaen Claess   100 acres         foor anclrjes Homman                      200 acres                   for will: woodmanicy   100 acres for Peter Nealson                     200 acres       for William oriani                    150 acres

wich aboves Surveys were by ye Co approoved of, anid

Returned to ye office in New Yorke; foor further Confirmacon by his honjor ye        rnor


                                                  where ye Court heitherto       In, Regard that uplanid Creeke has sate is att ye Lower End of ye County; The Court therefore for ye most Ease of ye People haue thought fitt for ye future to sitt & meet att ye Towne of Kinigsesse' in ye Schuylkjll5

1 Town of Ringsess0 The site of this place was probably in the im­

mediate vicinity Of the Swedish mill erected by Governor Printz near the Blue Bell tavern on the Darby Road.

172                               RECORD OF

June 8 1680

Upon ye desire of Gunla Andries & hur husband Justice henry Jones desiering that a Certaine award & Returne of some prsons heretofeore by ye Co appointed to view ye Lands & heare & determine ye difference about ye same betweene Peter andries decesed & Jonas neelsen may bee put upon Record, itt was by ye Cor t granted, & itt being in dutch written is to bee Translated in English.

foolloweth ye Coppy of ye aboves Paper: Translated & Recorded viz

(Copia & Translt)

On this day ye 4t of June 16 73 at Kingsesse Att ye request of Peter andries, and accordiino‑ to ye order of ye Laest Courtday; ordering us to see & Judge of ye differences & disputes of Land betweene ye 5d Peter andries & Jonas Nielson of Kingsesse; we underwritten haue, viewed betweene Lands & Lands; and do according to or consehiences & best knowledge award & Judge as followeth; first a small garden or spot of Land Lying att ye Thrashhouse of Jonlas Nielsen, Wc was given him by Sr Robbart, and before that in dispute before ye Court, but by lnfeormation of ye high Sherrifoe Edmund Cantwell & Mr will: Tom disannuleci and by Mr Peter Rambos lnfoormaconn, that ye sd peece of Land hath ben in his possession and was by him sould to Mr will: Tom & by ye s Tom sould to Peter andries, wherefoore upon ye s advys & upon ye Courts sentence wee Judge the s peece of Land to belong to Pieter andries, annd that hee may take itt in possession & use itt

as hisoune:

UPLAND COURT.                          173

June 8 1680                                      2 dly Upon a dispute that Jonas Neelsen doth clayme a

W1 Mr

peece of Land, Tom sould to Peter rtndries, & had ben in possession of Peter rambo That was by Tolleration of Peter andries granted to harmen Ennis & Gerrit Ennis to use foor soe Long tyrne as they the said brothers had ye use of ye Land of swen Gunnarson and ye s" Land Lying now befoore ye s Pieter andriesseins Land, and keepeing him from ye woods w his other Land, and whereas Peter Rambo now heer present doth confeesse & proffeers to make good, that when hee Lived heer hee had as good outway & as mutch priviledge to goe out into ye woods w his Lanid as any of ye neigbours or any of ye Inhabitants then had


in Kingsesse wherefoore wee Judge upon ye advys of Peter Rambo, & according to Justice, that hee ye s Peter Andriess may goe into ye woods w his Laind, as well as others his neigbours att Kingsesse, and hee Jonas neelsen is quyt & all to cleare & desist of ye same Land & to Leaue itt to Peter anndries w as good fence, as when hee ye sU Jonas neelsen did take itt frrom ye s Brothers aforementioned;

3'~ Wee haue seen that Jonas Neelsen has gon over ye hygway into ye Land of Peter andries wc' by Pattent belongeth unto him, betweene both ye highwayes & wee find y ye sd peece of Land is a hinderance to ye 5d Peter andries, wee therefore doe Judge that according to Pattent that same peece of Land also belongeth to Peter andries, & Jonas neelsen is Left to proove ye Contrary.

4 We haue seen that 25 schrett 1 of feence is taken away

1 Scltrett, a corruption of the Dutch word "Schrccde," which signifies a measure of five foeet in. length.

174                               RECORD OF

June 8 1680

of ye middle fence betweene ye partees, but noe proofee appearing by whoome itt hath ben taken away nor to whome itt belongeth, Itt is Left by us until! fturther proofoe thereof shall bee made.

5'~ Upon ye Pretence of Peter andries that ye houses of Swen Gunnarson doe stand upon his Land as appears by his Pattent, & that itt tends to his prejudice, wee haue therefeore viewed & seen that ye same stand upon his Land according to his Pattent, & upon the desire of Peter andrie that they may bee remooved from that place; Itt is or Judgements that his Request in reason may bee Conseuted him;

6'y & Laest!y about ye dispute & Controversy of a Certaine.gardeni Lying in ye Toune of Kinigsesse & att prsent used by Jonas neelsen But according to ye lnfeormacon & advys of Peter Rambo, ye same hath before ben in possession of 4 men whoe used itt & according to that Possession there belongs to Peter andries part and one halfee part; whereupon wee Judge Peter andries to have soe mutch of ye same.

All what is abovementioned we haue seen, and by advys wee haue judged & awarded as on Every perticular above is mentioned, being reddy to vindicat ye same when requiered, given under 0r oune hands & markes dated utsupra

                          (was signed) Olaff Stilla       Hans 4 nnonseln          nieles N laersen

                     his nmrke                     his inarke Otto Ernest Coch       neeles N matsen                Hendrjk H Janss                                          his marke         his marke


Att a Court held att Kingsesse foor upland County in Delowar River, By his May'?' authority october ye 13t'h 1680;

                           M OTTO ERNEST COCH M'R ISRAEL HELM prsent  MR HIENRY Joss                                                                 Justices


Mr George Browne being absent the Laest Court, was sworne & did take the oath as a Justice according to ye Commission



The P't declares that this deft is seated upon a Plant&. tation & peece of Land w' belongs to this P't & was by hur bougt of Juriami hartsvelder, and that hee by force detaynes ye same & reftuses to surrender etc. The deft pleads that hee has a Lawfuull Right to ye same;

Justice Laurens Cock declares that ye bargaine was conditionally, that if John ashton paid by a Certayneday was not prformed & therefoore void.

The debates of both partees being heard The Court doe order that ye P't haue the Land according to ye assignment of Jurian hartsvelder upon ye Pattent and that the deft quit ye same & pay Costs;

Cis CRAM P't t I fa In an action of slaunder & deHANS PETERss Def mation;

The Pit Compl~Lynes that this deft hath slaundered him,

saying that hee was theefee etc:

176                              RECORD OF

Octhbe 13' 1680. ‑

Lasse Dalbo and moens Janss sworne declare that they heard ye def say you are a theeI, you haue stoleni aboard of ye shipp & soe you haue stolen all ydr Riches here & fuurther say nott;

The deft: not being able to proove what hee hath said or any part thereof The Court ordered that ye deft: openly shall declare him selfee a Lyar; & that bee shall further declare ye P" to bee an honest man & pay 20 gilders to ye Costs of SIlite.

P't for his Losse of tyme, togeather wt:

MOENS PETERSEN STAECKET P't           in an action of HANS JURIAN          Deft I slaunder & defamat.

WilIiam orian sworne declares that Laest yeare Living att Calkoenhoek lice oft' heard great Rangling between the P't & deft: and that ye deft. sayed you haue broaken my caues Legg anid thou art a gallows theef & further sayeth nott.

Mort: Mortensen sworne sayeth that bee heard the deft: Hans Jurian saay that itt was a Rogg that broake his Calfoes Legg but that hee named nobody & fuu;tber sayeth not.

The P't alledging that hee wanted 4 of is materiall witnesses w? were subpened & doe not appeare, & desiprinig that ye case might bee referred till next Court ye same

was granted.

HIANS JURIAN Plt          in an action of assault & MOENS STAECKET Deft J battery

The P't declares that this deft‑ some time in ye month

of : Laest, wthOUt any Just cause hath assaulted & beaten

UPLAND COURT.                         177

8 b 1311:11680 yor

P't att his owne doore & pursued y6r Pit further in his own house calling the P" Rogue & dogg & a thousand more names, & moreouer threatned to kill yor

Pl.t when Ever bee met him, etc;

Morten Mortensen sworne in Court sayeth that some tyme in Septembr Laest this deft moens Staecket came to him all Blouddy and sayed to this deponiant doe you see how I: am beaten, therefore wth whome do you hold itt, if I: thought that you held w bans Jurian I: would wt"in 12 howres bee my own Judge, and a Little whyle after this deponiant heard that this deft. was on horseback & called foor his sword his gun pouder & shott and then Rud befoore Hans Jurians doore & called him saying you dogh you Rogue come out, I: will shoott you a bullet threw yo' head, all this past in ye nlight & ye deponiannt sayes to haue heard but not seen itt.

The Court haueing heard the debates of both partees, Doe find itt niecessary foor ye prventing of future mischief, To order and doe hereby order that both P't & deft: shall bee bound and are hereby bounnd ouer to their good beMaytles

hauiors, Strictly to keepe his Peace to Each other and all othe: his may" subjects foor ye space of one yeare and six weekes next Ensuing upoin ye penalty of 40 pounds of Lawfull monny of England to bee paid by him that shall first breake ye peace to his may' use; and doe further Conideninie him ye sd moens Staeckett to pay a fynne

of 200 gilders to bee applyecl foor ye defraying the Courts necessary E‑xpensis; anid Each to pay halfoe Charges of this actioni


178                             RECORD OF

ootobe 13th 1680


HANS JURIAN                     I

ft        In an action of Slaunder



The Pt Complaynes that this deft. liath grosly abused him in his good name by Calling him a theef, and saying that this P" had stolen his Plank etc:

The deft. denys that hee has called this deft. a theef, but that hee has onley sayed that some Plank w ye P't had were Lyke his oune;

Morten Mortenss and anndries homman sworne declare that they haue heard ye deft saye if Capt hans Jurian has nott stolen ye Plank then Little Morten has stolen

them & fuurther say nott:

The C6r~ haueing heard the Case debated doe order that ye: deft: shall publicqly in Cort declare that hee hath rashly accused ye Pit and y hee is Sorry foor itt & pay ye Cost.

Ye deft: in C6r! did publicqly aknowledge the above;


The P't declares that this deft has Privatly marked foower of this P's Piggs in ye Cripple' or swamp; of w' hee desires Restitution wth Costs;

The deft Replyes'to baue marked 4 Piggs, but knowes not otherwayes but that they were ye Piggs of his oune sowe. Lasse anndries & Swen Loin sworne declare that to the best of their knowledge ye piggs did belong to John Stilles sowe, and yt they came home to John Stilles house after they were marked by ye deft

1 See note D at end of Record.

UPLAND COURT.                         179

October 13th 1680.

The debates of both partees being heard The Court ordered, that ye P" shall keepe ye hoggs and sence it is found that throng a mistake ye Deft hath marked them, hee is only ordered to pay ye Costs of suite;

Justa Justassen fooriner servant to Capt' Billop haueing upon an attachment of Peter Bacom ben appraized for the fuull tyme of his servis hee had then to serve and Laurens Cock haueing Ingaged in d Justas beb~lfee foor ye payment of ye said appraizement & freed him ye (1 Justa from servis; The sd Laurens Cock did this day in Court acquit & discharge 5d Justa of and frrom any of ye afeoresaid tyme of servis and doth aknowledge to haue received Sattisfaction by specialty.

Apeared in Court Hans Kien whoe then & there declared to haue Bargained, sould and made ouer, and doth hereby Bargaine sell & make ouer unto Peter Rambo Junior his heirs & assignes feor Ever a Certayiie peece of meaddow or marsh Lying and being on the westsyde within Pemibackes Creeke & wt1'in a halfe a myle of ye mouth thereof, oppositt ouer against ye present house & plantatioin of The s Pieter Rambo, the (1 peece of marsh beinng a three square peece & is bounded wt? Pemibackes Creeke, & ye fast Land of Taokanink, and in quantity about as mutch as feower good stakes of hay may bee mowed thereon; and s Hans Kien did aknowledge to haue Received fuull sattisfaction in hand to content foor the same; memorandum this peece of marsh did to ye knowledge of the Court belong unto Erik Mulhca

180                              RECORD OF

00tob 1311, 1680

as one of the Intressants of Taokanink whoe sould ye 8d

marsh to ye s' hans Kien & Kien to Rambo;


ANDRIES HOMMAN ye Constable Deft

The P" complaines that this deft hath pulled him by the Beard & twisted his neck, desires to know ye reason & that ye deft may bee ordered to make him reparation.

The deft. replyes that being Constable & hearing of a Iloore & a Roge w‑' kept att this p~ts house, he was in pursuit of them & was obstructed & hindered of doing his office by this P't whoome hee pusht from him, desires a nonsuit;

The Court haueing heard & Examined ye Case, doe order a nonnsuit ags' ye pi and doe strictly foorewarne him of harbouring ye whoore anna Lears daughter & hur associates feor ye fuuture;

Justice OTTO ERNEST COCH it      In ani action of

                                    MOENS PETERSEN STAECKET Deft S slaunder & defamat:                                     The Ft Complaines that this deft. maliciously has de  famed and most highly slaundered him in his Honor & re           putation, by terming him a hogh theef, desires that this            def:t (if hee or any others can:) will proove ye same, or otherwayes that bee may bee punisht according to Lawe.

The deft saye.s and protests, that bee never Knew heard or sawe, that this P't was guilty of any such faact, anmd that hee to his knowledge never sayed ainy isuch thing, but if that hee hath sayed itt (:as the witness5es doe afirme:)

UPLAND COURT.                   181

Octob 13" 1680

that itt must haue ben in his drink, hee humbly desires feorgivenesse, sence hee finds himselfee in a great fault;

Hans Jurian, William orian & andries homman sworne in Cor:t declare that they haue heard moens Peterss Staecket say in fuull tearmes & substance, Mr Otto is a hogh theef of ye one & andries Boen of ye other syde & further say nott;

The Court haueing heard ye Case doe order that ye deft: shall publicqly ini open Court declare that hee has wrongfully faisly & malisiousl slaundered & blamed this P" and y

doe further fyne him for an Example to others to pay the sume of one thousand gilders w the Costs;

The deft. did willingly in open Court, declare as above & humbly desires foorgivenesse & prayes that ye fyne may bee remitted, Upon ye Intercession of Justice Otto Ernest, Cor

the t did remit ye fynie aboves HANS MOENSEN & pit PETER PETERSS: JocuM J


The P1 declare that this deft: doth detayne a Certayne peece of marsh of this P Lying in ye Schuylcill & foor We.? the P't~s haue a Pattent, and therefoore desire Restitution wth Costs;

The deft: Replyes that hee has no other marsh in his Possession, than what is his proper owne by Pattent, of older date, & sayes that the P't haue noe marsh mentioned in their Pattent;

The P desire a Jury We? was Granted & a Jury was Impaineled viz Thomas Spry Caspares herman, will:

182                              RECORD OF

Octob 13*? 1680

orian will: Stafford John mifflin Richard Tucker Justa Justassen Lasse dalbo will: Jeacocx Erick Cock John Cock moens Peterss;

Peter Cock Senior sworne in Court sayeth that for many years past Hlans moensen did make use & had ye marsh to mowe hay on, & further sayeth nnott;

Peter Rambo in Court declared voluntarily himselfoe that Capt' hans moens foor many years past did mowe hay on some part of ye fly‑but sayeth further that in yetyme of govern6r Louelace there came foorth a proclamationi, that all those as had or desired any Lands etc, should get a pattent foor ye same, and yt then bee Lawfully obtaynied his pattent & ye pl.t neglected to get one

The Jury haueinig heard ye debates of both partees, & ye Evidences sworne went out aind Returniinig brought in the Verdict Wch was as fofloweth vizt, wee find for ye defoendant according to pattent, w Costs.

The Court doe allow of ye Jury's verdict & passe Judgement accordingly:

Complaint being made by the Constable Andries Hornman thai Claes Cram Keeps unlawfull Company w~n Anna Laers daughter, ye wyfe of Benk Salung; The Court haue ordered & strictly forbidden them both foor ye future niot to keepe Company toget‑her any more under what pretext soever upon Payne of severe punnishment and doe ordr that Claes Cram pay ye Cost of this & ye foormer Compl

aint & order about ye same;

Upon the Peticon of John Main Senior, The Court


doe Grant him to take up 150 acres of Land, w:m ye

UPLAND COURT.                         183

Octob 13 1680

Courts Limits, w heretofoore hath not ben Granted taken up or Improoved by others, hee seating & Improoveing ye same according to Lawe & Regulacons;

Upon the Peticon of John Muffin Junior the Court doe grant him to take up 150 acres of Land, w?in ye Courts Limitts w" heretofoore hath not ben granted or taken up by others bee seating & Improoveinng ye same according to

seating Lawe & Regulacons;

Upon the Peticon of Andries Pietersen The Cort doe grant him to take up 100 acres of Land win this Courts Limits w' heretofoore hath not ben Granted taken up or Improoved by others hee seating & Improoveing the same accordiing to Lawe & Regulacons;

Upon the Peticon of Joseph handly; The Court doe Grant him to take up 100 acres of Land wthin this Courts Limits, Wc heretofoore hath nnot ben granted taken up or Improoved by others, bee seating & Improoveing ye same according to Lawe & Regulacons;

Upon the Peticon of moens Cock The Court haue Granted him to take up 100 acres of Land, we' heretofoore bath not ben Granted taken up or Improved by others; hee seating & Improoveing ye same according to Lawe & Regulacons;

Upon the Peticon of Erik Cock The Court haue Granted him to take upp one hundered acres of Land wch heretofoore hath not ben Granted taken up or Improoved by others, hee seating & Improoveing ye same according to Lawe & regulacons.

Upon the Peticon of Richard Tucker the Court haa

184                              RECORD OF

Octob' 13th 1680

Granted him to take up 100 acres of Land wthin this Courts Limits Wth heretofore bath not ben gram2ted taken up or Improoved by others, bee seating & Improoveing the same according to Lawe & regulacons.

Upon the Peticon of Andries Petersen desiering that bee may make a resurveig of his Land at Kingsess; The Court haue granted ye same provydecl bee in noewayes Intrudes upon his neigbours Lands, w':' Really belong unto them;

Upon the Peticon of Jonas Nielsen The Court doe grant him Liberty to Resurvey his Land att Kingsesse ‑ bee in noewayes intruding upon others Land and that ye Resurvey bee made w ye Cognizance of the neigbours that soe all stryfe & contention for the future may bee avoided;

Whereas the Court finds itt niecessary for the due preserving of ye peace of or Souerayne Lord ye King, & ye hinderance of all attempts against ye same, that one other Constable more bee made & authorized to officiate betweene the Schuyl Kill & nieshambenies Kill, Itt was therefore this day ordered & Resolved, and Mr Erik Cock was nominated appointed & sworne as Constable for one yeare or till another bee put in his place.

Whereas the Court finds itt necessary that some fitt persons bee appointed as overseers of ye highwayes & Roads; and as overseers & viewers of all foences througout this County; It was therefore Resolved, and Mr John Cock & Lasse dalbo were this day aPPoinited; & sworne overseers & viewers of ye highwayes & Roads & fences wthin this county foor one yeare or til others bee appointed in their s places;

UPLAND COURT.                         185

Oothb 13 1680

Some Directions for ye s" overseers of ye liighwayes by them to bee followed;

NB ye directions niot resolved upon by ye Co':

Richard Noble ye SurVr made returne in Corl of ye foollowing survey made by him by ye governno' speciall order,


w: ye Co haueing Examined doe well Lyke thereof, &                        r           Vr to

ord: ye sur : make returne to ye Govern'



By vertue of an ord: from ye Govern bearing date 1 June 1680 Laid out for Eph: Herman and Lawrence Cock a tract of Land called Hataorockon 1 scituated & being on ye west syde of delowr RiVr and on ye South East sycle of hataorackan Creeke Beginning att a cornnr marked Spannish oake standing by ye river syde from thence N: N: W: by a Line of marked trees 320 perches to a Corner marked blake oake from thence W: S: W: by a Lyne of marked

r trees 130 perches to a corn: marked red oake standing by hataorackan creeke, from thence doune ye 5d Creeke S: W: b S: 362 perches to a Corn' marked white oake standing att ye mouth of hotaorack creeke from thennee up by the River syde on severall Courses 460 perches to ye first mentioned Spannish oake containing 552 acres of fast Land & 50 acres of swamp in all 602 acres;

Surveyed ye: 4t of august 1680 (signed) pr Ricn: NOBLE

SVr of

ur              upland County

The Cort adjornied till 2 Teusday of ye month of march next Einsuiiig.

1 See note E at end of Record.

186                             RECORD OF

March 8th 16

Att a Cdr' held in the Towne of Kingsess

In Upland County in Delowar River, by his


may"es authority march ye 16

                               MR OTTO ERNEST COCH prsent        MIR HIFNRY JONES                               Justices

                               MR LAURENS COCK


Upon the Peticon of Barent Gerritzen; The Court doe grannt the Peticonr Liberty to take up win ye Limitts of this Court, twoo hundered & fifty acres of Land wc' heretofoore bath not ben Granted taken up or Improoved by others bee y Petieonr seating & Improoveinig ye same according to Lawe Regulacons and orders;

In Lyke manner was Granted unto William Sanldfeorcl to take up 250 acres of Land;

Magister Jacobus fabritius shewing by Peticon that in ye surveigh of his Land granted him by this Court, there is 65 acres of swamp; desires therefeore a grant feor to take up 65 acres of Land more etc; The Court doe grant ye pet,jeonir Liberty to take up 65 acres of vacant Land, but no abatement of quit rent, unlesse ye Governor should see

cause feor itt;

MOENS STAECKET P't                                            partees agreed befeore try'.) HANS JURIAN                 Def I Each to pay, halfe cost.

UPLAND COURT.                         187

March ye 8t? 16


LAURENS COCK                                          Pit       an attachm upon all the

JUSTA JUSSTASSEN Deft defts come & on a sowe &       J calfee;

The deft 1': difault;

The pl demands of ye deft by his declarat. 713 gilders wth Costs.

The Court continued this action untill next Courtday;

THOMAS WRIGHT by I      partees agreed be         I P't feore tryall the deft to

John Champion his attorn       [pay Costs.

                               DUNK WILLIAMS        Def t

JOHN CHAMPION P" 1                ft partees agreed ELIZABETH DALBo De

Upon ye Peticon of Richard Noble the Court doe grant ye Peticonr to take up win ye Jurisdiction of this Court twoo hundered acres of Land w heretofeore hath not ben Granted or taken up by others, hee makeing Improovement according to Law & orders.

Upon ye Peticoin of Eph: Hlerman Laurens Cock and Peter Van Brug The Cort doe Grant Each of them a Grant for to take up twenty five acres of marsh or meddow ground to their Land Granted them att Taorackan by ye governor, ye sd marsh Lying in ye mill Creek opposit Burlington, & towards ye head thereof;'

The Co did Grant unto the severall persons hereunder named, ye foollowinig percell of Land, WC should not bee

1 See note E at end of Record.

188                               RECORD OP

march ye 8th 1611‑0 si granted or taken up befoore and upon Expresse Condition of Settlem         as by Lawe & orders.

Oele Dalbo a grant foor 300 acr:

ariaen aertsen a grant foor 200 acr: Will Jeacox a grant foor 200 acres. Jan Boelsen a grant for 100 acr:

Dunk Williams a grant for 100 acr:

Will Boull blaksmith a grant foor 150 acr:

The Cort being in want of monnyes foor ye defraying of ye publicq Charges of their sitting, and there being severail amerciaments due unto Them frrom Sundry Persons for Grants & orders Given, etc: Itt was this day Resolved & ordered that ye Clr should draw out an Exact List of all such prsons, and deliver itt to ye high Sherrife, whoe is hereby ordered to Colect ye same as alsoe ye fynes of 200 gilds due from moens Staeckett; and to bee accomptable att ye next Court; wth fuurther power that In case any should refuse ye payment of ye s Just Court foees that in such a‑, Case hee should use ye: uttmost Extreamity by ye: Lawe allowed, etc:

The Cot adjorned till ye: 2 Teusday in June next.

June 14th 1681