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NJA Vol.21 - Salem Surveys, No. 2.


PAGE 549 Salem Surveys, No. 2.

1678 June 21. Warrant for the survey to James NEVILL of Stebonheath,
alias Stepney, Co. of Middlesex, weaver, as attorney for Widow Elizabeth
SMITH of White Chapple, same Co., of 500 acres in Allowayes Allotment,
or as near as may be on the N. E. side of Monmouth River. 7

1679 July 1. Return of survey of the preceding 500 acres on Alla
wayes Cr. along the Eastside of Wm. PENTON and the West side of Widow
CRAVEN's plantation. 7

1679 May 15. Warrant for the survey of Widow Anne CRAVEN of New
Salem, of 500 acres adjoining Widow Elizabeth SMITH's 500 a., "as it
runneth up Momouth River." 8

1679 July 1. Return of survey of the preceding 300 acres [sic], S. Allo-
wayes Creek, W. Elizabeth SMITH. 9

1676 Oct. 12. Do. Do. to Anthony PAGE of 16 acres in Salem (see
supra, Fenwick's Surveys, p. 3). 9

1679 Sept. 9. Warrant by Robert WADE to Richard HANCOCK for the
survey to Nathaniel CHAMPNEYS (CHAMNES) of 200 acres of his, WADE's
land, next to Edward WADE's. 10

1679 Sept. 24. Return of survey to Nathaniel CHAMPNEYS of 240
acres on Allowayes Creek. 10

1679 Sept. 24. Do. Do. to Joseph WARE of 200 acres on Allowayes
Cr., along the Westside of Nathaniel CHAMPNEYs' plantation and the
Eastside of Anthony PAGE's; by order of Edw. WADE. 11

1676 June 12. Do. Do. to Hyolite LEFEVER and Jon. PLEDGER,
planters, of 5,936 acres in the first half allotment of Allowayes, between
Allowayes Creek, the great swamp, Mill Creek, Fenwick's Creek and Man-
eton's Creek. 12

1676 Aug. 13. Do. Do. to Stephen YERIANS, et al. of 1040 acres
(see Fenwick's Surveys, p. 13). 13

1680 Sept. 13. Minutes of a special Court, James NEVILL, Wm. PENTON,
Richard GREY, Edw. BRADWAY, Edw. WADE, Comrs: Order granting
to Charles BEGGELY a warrant to Richard HANCOCK for the survey of 200
acres of land, part of the 500 a. which his wife in her widowhood had
from John EDRIDGE and Edmond WARNER. John ADAMS of New Salem,
planter, and wife, acknowledge their fault and promise to behave them-
selves in future. 14

1679 July 5. Minutes of a Called Court, held for the Whorekill, Cap-
tain John AUERY, Alex. MOLSTINE, Mr. Jon. ROADS, James ------, Comrs,
Order granting to Joshua BARKSTEAD a quietus as administrator of the es-
tate of his deceased brother John. 14

1680-1 March 15. Return of survey by Richard HANCOCK to Joshua
BARKSTEAD of 4,968 acres at the mouth of a small creek near the Indian
Market place and along the Northside of Cohanzey River. 15

PAGE 550 New Jersey Colonial Documents.

1680-1 March 18. Do. Do. to Edward BRADWAY of 984 acres along
the Westside of Unknowne Creek. 15

1680 Sept. 16. Do. Do. by order of Court (supra, p. 14) to Charles
BEGLEY, of 200 acres on the North branch of Allawayes Creek. 15 1/2

1682 Nov. 15. Do. Do. to Edmond GIBBONS of 6000 acres on both
sides of Unknowne Creek and on the Northside of Chohanzey River, of
which 4500 a. on the path to Chohanzey or Antioch Towne, adjoining Wm.
LAURENSE and Wm. HUGHS, the other 1500 a. on the Westside of Chohan-
zey Cr. along the Southside of Henry SALTER's. 16

1682 Nov. 10. Do. Do. to Thomas BUDD of Burlington, of 500
acres between Fishing and Great Fishing Creeks, near Finns Point. 16 1/2

1682 Dec. 1. Do. Do. to Mich: BARRON, of 1000 acres on Salem
Creek, Delaware River and Small Fishing Creek, adjoining Fopp JOHNSON. 17

1683 21st d. 2d m. (April). Warrant by James NEVILL, as attorney for
Anna SALTER, to Richard HANCOCK for the survey to William fflEETWOOD of
300 acres on Stow River alias Unknowne Creek. 18

1683 21st d. 2d m. (April). Mem. of mortgage by John DENN of Allo-
wayes Creek, turner, of his house and plantation to Henry STACY of Burlington. 18

-------- Mem. of a letter of attorney from Jon SNOOK to Samuel
CURTISE of Salem Co., to receive from Tho. SNOOK of East Noyle, Co. of Wilts,
father of said John, a legacy of 20 nobles devised to him by Wm. BREVIS of
East Noyle, dec'd. 19

1684 Aug. 2. Mem., that Roger MILTON of Windham, W. J., passed a
bond for the payment of 21 by Wm. MILTON of Warwill, Co. of Berks, to
Thomas HASLOM, and in case of miscarriage said Haslom appoints James
NEVILL of Salem to collect the sum of said Roger and pay 15 thereof to
his father John HASLOM in Ratcliffbridge, Lancashire. 20

1685 April 14. Mem. of a letter of attorney from John PLEDGER of
Bereton, Salem Tenth, to Steven WORLIDGE of Portsmouth, England, to
sell his land and houses in Bereton, County of Southampton. 20

-------- Mem. of deed. Edward CHAMPNEY of Allowayes Creek, joiner,
to Joseph WHITE of Salem and wife Eliz., for 400 acres on said creek, be-
tween Robert DUN and Adams Creek. 21

-------- Mem. Inquiry by Jacob YOUNG from John CULIER of the
name of a man who sold trees to Eliz: ADAMS; payment by Jacob's wife
to John Adams' wife for land at Chohanzey through Samuel HEDGE and Margret

-------- Mem. of lease. Roger MILTON to John SURRIDG, of the planta-
tion lately belonging to Edward LUMLEY, next to the meetinghouse in Sa-
lem, for 15 years. 22

PAGE 551 Salem Surveys, No. 2.

1685 March 28. Mem. of agreement. Wm. ffLEETWOOD sells to Albert
HENDRICKS 400 acres of land. 23

1685 June 9. Mem. or mortgage. Roger MILTON on 350 acres, part of
Ann's Grove, bought of Joseph WHITE. 23

1685 June 10. Agreement. Edward CHAMPNES and Roger MILTON
concerning the mill in which they are partners. 24

1685 July 11. Agreement of lease. Roger MILTON of Windham to John
PAINE of Salem Town, of a 16 acre lot in said town. 24

1685 July 20. Do. Do. Henry JENINGS to Roger MILTON of a yoke of
oxen for 2 years. 25

1685 Aug. 21. Do. Do. Edward CHAMPNES to Josiah ELFRETH of
Allowayes, of 484 acres there near the grist mill, which said Josiah now
inhabits. 26

1685 Aug. 25. Mem. of sale. James NEVILL to William HUGHES
(Hews), of 100 acres in Ouldman's Creek, Salem Tenth, to be surveyed
next to John STANBANK's 150 a. 27

-------- Mem., that Wm. HEWES is to have 150 acres of John STANBANK
on the N. W. side below the Fishingplace. 27

1685 Sept. 5. Agreement. Richard JOHNSON is to build for Edward
WADE a house 30 by 18 f., a story and 1/2 high. 28

1685 Sept. 15. Do. Tobias QUINTAINE is to work for Roger MILTON at
the mill or otherwise, "until either p'ty dislike each other," at 3 sh. a day
and "for the sure payment of so much as shalbe due to ye sd Tobias," at
the time he shall leave the work, Roger is to convey to him 200 acres at
Allowayes Creek between Anthony PAGE and Richard JOHNSON. 29

-------- Lease. Reyneere (VAN HYST) to Wm. WINTON and his son
Nichollas, of the plantation called Mulberry Ferme, 300 acres, on Mane-
ton Creek for 7 years from September 29, 1688. 30

-------- Exceptions of Wm. HALL, deft., to a bill of complaint against
him by Joseph MOORE of New Castle Co., Penna:, carpenter. 31

-------- Mem. of lease. Tho: YORK to Charles ANGELLO, of 500 acres
with dwelling house, improvements and cattle, for 3 years from November 15, 1690. 32

-------- Lease. Michael BARROON to Robert HUNTER and wife, of a
plantation where said Michael now lives. 33

1690 July 26. Mem. of what Tho. LAMSON, Garterud STANDLY and Rey-
neere say about the lease from Reyneer VANHYST to Wm. and Nicholas WINTON (p. 30). 34

-------- Lease. Reynere VANHYEST to George WEB and John HEWS, of
a plantation, called ---------. 35

1685-6 22d d. 12th m. (February). Mem. of sale. Wm. GROOM to
Richard MARSHALL, of 200 acres at Allowayes Creek, bought of Marcus
ELGAR of Middle Neck, Salem Tenth, who is to give deed, the land adjoins
Dennis ffISHER's 500 a.; purchase consideration to be delivered at Wm.
KELLY's house at Salem Townlanding. 36

PAGE 552 New Jersey Colonial Documents.

1685-86 26th d. 11th m. (January). Mem. of lease. Edward BRADWAY
to Josiah ELFRETH, of a plantation at Stow alias Unknown Creek. 37

-------- Mem. "The name of Tho: KENT's 5 acres of land to be called
Spring-well-end." 37

1687 Nov. 21. Memoranda: Jon WALKER brings 2 ears of a strange
hog, killed by him. Richard DEAN lets his house and lot of 16 acres in
Salem Town to Roger MILTON for 4 years, binding himself to make a good
conveyance thereof at the expiration of the 4 years, and Roger MILTON
then agrees to pay a certain price. 38

-------- Do. of a grant by John FENWICK to Wm. MAULSTER, wife Ka-
therine and Francis BOWYER of 5000 acres Feb. 24, 1674-5; of conveyance
by MALSTER to Wm. MILTON of 1500 a. of the foregoing 5000 April 21, 1679;
of conveyance by Wm. MILTON to his brother Roger MILTON of said 1500
acres April 6, 1680; of conveyance by Roger MILTON to Anne WHITTEN of 16 acres. 39

1687 Nov. 8. Mem. of deed. Roger MILTON to George HASLWOOD, for
a townlot, formerly Edw. CHAMPNEYS. 39

------ Jan. 16. Mem. of warrant for Joseph BROWN and John MASON for
two town lots at Cohanzey. 39

1687 Nov. 28. Mem. of affidavit by Richard WILKINSON of Chestnut
Neck, Salem Co., concerning shots he heard fired, seeing Wooly, brother
of Ellen VAN HYSST, and a brother of Lass COOBY, and finding a mare of
Andrew ANDRUS shot dead. 40

-------- Mem. of deed. Roger MILTON to Henry JENINGS, of 200 acres
behind Richard JOHNSON's and adjoining John TEST's 1000 a. at Allowayes Creek. 41

-------- Minute of trial: John LANDRIGGING pltf., vx. Morris LISTON,
deft., concerning two horses, lost at the farm. 41

[Pages 42 to 48 blank.]

-------- Memoranda: Reyneere VANHYSST and wife Elizabeth convey
to Jon ABBET 500 acres at the head of Allowayes Creek; mem., the deed of
gift from Barroon is dated December 10, 1688. 49

-------- Deed of Trust. William WILLIS of Allowayes and wife Eliz-
abeth to James NEVILL of Salem Town, yeoman, for 300 acres, called Pro-
voe's Holt on Allowayes Creek, for the use of grantors and their son William. 50

-------- Deed. Benjamin ACTON of Salem Town, yeoman, to Jonathan
BEERE of Sandyburr Wood, Salem Co., yeoman, for 16 acres in Salem Town
between Geo. HaSLWOOD's and Thomas WOODROFFE's plantations. 51

-------- Mem. about the way in which 120 are to be paid; that Jon
BEETIE assigns a deed for 200 acres to Mathew ROBINSON. 52

PAGE 553 Salem Surveys, No. 2.

1690 16th d. 4th m. (June). Lease. John PAINE to Edward CHAMPNEYS,
of a house and lot of 16 acres in Salem Town. 53

-------- Do. Reyneere VANHYSST to Wm. SHUTE, of a plantation of 300
acres, formerly occupied by Tho. ARNOLD. 54

1688 19th d. 2d m. (April). Mem. of bond given by Wm. SHUTE for
the appearance in Court of his wife to give evidence concerning Annacka
YERIANs' preganancy. 55

1688 19th d. 3d m. (May). Do. of affidavit by Peter BILDR-BEEK, con-
cerning a conversation had at Laus HENDRICKSON's wake at ffinns Point,
with Woolla WOULSON and Steven's daughter Annacka about her pregnancy;
she saying "she had a young Youdas, wch is by interpretacon a divill in
finns language." 55

-------- Minutes of Court proceedings. George HASLWOOD vx. Jo
Adams, same vx. Hugh HUTCHINGS. Mem. of bond from said HASLWOOD
and Dennis LEACH for the appearance of said LEACH to answer the com-
plaint of James WALL--of New Castle. Geo. HASLWOOD vs. Wm. SHUTE. 56

1687-8 8th d. 12th m. (February). Agreement of sale. Anthony PAGE
to Joseph WARE, of 100 acres, bought of Edward WADE. 57

-------- Political Essay on the powers of the law courts &c. by James
NEVILL, ending with:

A Rivers mouth is bigger than its head,
So would the mouth of Pensilvania spred,
Over Superiors, over all his peers,
Over the English, ffinns, Sweads & Min-eres,
Most horrible, monstrerous & most Barberous, hee
Renders known & Common law, to be,
His will is, right or wrong, be't plaintife or defendt,
Should have the Cause, if gold be at ye end ont
For Averice & pride, he's not the least
Money's the thing, in th' bears nose, & ring,
Tis that Commands the Beast.

Standing waters will breed corruption & be offensive if it be not some
times changed, and for men to be too long in offices of government is to
leave too little regard to others or the Dignity of the state. 58

The Indian Interpreter, a vocabulary of Indian words. [1]

1684-5 Feb. 9. Mem., that Dennis ffESHER of Allowayes Creek has giv-
en a promissary note to Marcus ELGAR of Middle Neck, Salem Tenth. 69

1686 --------. Mem. of lease. Roger MILTON to Rutherien MORRIS, of the
town lots between the Meetinghouse and Richard DANIELL's townlot. 69


[1] Printed in "The Indians of New Jersey, their Origin and Development,
Manners and Customs, Language, Religion and Government," by William
Nelson, Paterson, N. J., 1894, pp. 133-139.

PAGE 554 New Jersey Colonial Documents.

1686 Dec. 10. Mem. of warrant to John WORLIDGE for the survey for
Francis BUCKLE of 200 acres, part of Anna SALTER's between the FORRESTs'
1000 a. and Christopher WHITE's. 69

1684 Oct. 13. Warrant to Richard TINDALL for the survey to Francis
FORREST, John FORREST and Richard DEAN of 1000 acres on Stow Creek, ad-
joining Morgan DREWET. 70

1684 Nov. 24. Return of survey of the preceding 1000 acres between
Morgan DREWETT, Stow Creek and two small creeks. 70

1684 Aug. 2. Warrant for the survey to Morgan DREWETT of 600 acres
of Anna SALTER's land on Unknown Cr. and Delaware R.; do to Edward
BRADWAY of 100 a. of Anna SALTER's land on Bradway's Neck at Unknown Creek. 71

-------- A receipt for a dropsy. 72

1684 21st d. 2d m. (April). Oath of offices at Constable, subscribed by
William SURRIDGE of New Salem. 73]



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