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Site News 12/6/09 - ODid a bunch of cleanup. Been eliminating non working site components and making small fixes to pages. Some new content sometime soom.

2/9/07 - Arriving Already! - new postcards from Cape May County - We rolled out over 600 new post card images this time. Hopefully you' like them. In the mean time,we have thousands more images of other counties to process(with more donations just below the horizon)so we'll be adding even more through the spring and summer.

2/9/07 - Arriving sooner or later!- We hope to actually get some text out to the web one of these days. There are three or four projects hanging around unfinished that need to be published or shelved. Also, we have a bunch of map updates that we'll be getting to eventually
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Be sure to get a copy of Stephanie B. Stevens book Outcast. Its the story of slavery in Readington Township, Hunterdon County and very interesting. Copies may be purchased from the author at: 530 Rt. 523 White House Station, N.J., 08889. The cost is $5.00 plus $2.00 for shipping.
William Farr's Waterways of Camden County is a must have volume for historians, geneologists, environmental scientists and anybody else with the remotest interest in waterways. Find out more at the Camden County Historical Society.
If you like ghost stories that can be footnoted, check out Haunted Haddonfield by Bill Meehan. Find out more at The Historical Society of Haddonfield
Another notable new publication, while not a book, is the The HUNTERDON GAZETTE CD for the years 1825 through 1834 published by the Hunterdon County Historical Society.
Dennis Raible's bookDown a Country Lane isn't quite new but this history of old Newton Township is worthy of mention here. If you don't have a copy of it you can find out more at the Camden County Historical Society.


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