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This is the survey section. A survey differs from a map in that it is created to depict the boundaries of a specific tract of land. Maps on the other hand typically cover more territory and usually depict a broader range of information than a survey. Not surprisingly, the surveys most easily used by historians are those that are more map like. Whatever their sort, we hope to get a good broad, useful collection of surveys out here. If you have any ideas or material you think would be helpful if published here, please let me know.

Selected Surveys by Thomas Sharp Projected Plan of Egg Harbor City - 1857 The Hartman Survey Maps - 8 large Maps of Parts of Atlantic, Cumberland and Cape May Counties that were prepared by Charles S. Hartman in the mid 20th century based on information going back to the 18th and19th centuries.
Some New Jersey Coastal Survey Maps from around 1839 to 1848 John Clement's Maps and Drafts - 7 Volumes plus City Abstracts  


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