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Selected Surveys by Thomas Sharp

Thomas Sharp was Surveyor General of West Jersey at the turn of the 18th century. During that time he recorded various land transactions. For some of these he actually went out and surveyed or re-surveyed the tract in question. He recorded many of these survey’s in a volume that has come to be known as Sharp’s Book. The surveys here are from that book and represent less than half of those recorded. They were chosen for legibility and general interest value.

For now, the survey can be accessed by clicking on a link in the table below. The survey image will appear below the table. Please note that these are large images which may be slow to load. The size is necessary to allow the documents to be read. Finally, if you’d like to see all of Thomas Sharp’s Book, you can see the original at the

Historical Society of Pennsylvania and on microfilm at Camden County Historical Society, Gloucester County Historical Society and some other libraries in the area.

Two tracts of land surveyed to Herman Holm 1717 and 1719 John Estaugh on Great Egg Habor Rd at Longacoming Branch 1711 John Kay (with previous owners listed) on S, Branch Coopers Creek. 1717
Anthony Sharp on Salem Road — 1688/1716 John Haddon at Oldmans Creek 1703 John Kay on S. Branck Coopers Creek 1717
Anthony Sharp on Timber Creek — 1688 John Haddon on Rancocas Creek 1703 Samuel Paul on Mantua Creek 1710
Anthony Sharp on Timber Creek 1685 John Hinchman on Northerly branch of Timber Creek 1717 Sarah Bull on Woodbury Creek 1686
Land on Cropwell Creek 1717 John Mickle on Mill Creek (branch of Egg Harbor River) 1721 Anthony Sharp on Timber Creek 1716
Land on Cropwell Creek 1709 Jown Reading at Newton 1690 Tobias Griscom 1716
Gloucester Town Plan 1 John Tatum on Woodbury Creek 1690 Tobias Griscom 1721
Gloucester Town Plan 2 John Willis on Coopers Creek 1890 1719 William Cooper on South Branch of Coopers Creek 1687
Gloucester Town and “suburbs” John Stacy on Maurice River 1716  


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