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 Surveys - The Hartman Survey Maps of Portions of Atlantic, Cumberland and Cape May Counties

Charles s. Hartman was a Cumberland county antiquarian with a taste for land speculation. Over the course of his long career, he harnesd these two interests and made himself a bit of money. He also managed to annoy people in three counties. How he did that is, hoever,a story for another time. What we have here are some of the fruit of his pursuits. These eight maps, which taken together cover significant sections of Cumberland, Atlantic and Cape May Counties, contain a wealth of information about natural and cultural resources.

Please note that some of the maps are large and may cause problems for some Browsers. Also, betterr descriptions for the maps will be added when I am familiar enough with them to do so.

Hartman Map 1 - Mostly Cape May County including Tuckahoe, Marshallville and Dennisville Hartman Map 5 -
Hartman Map 2 - Hartman Map 6 -
Hartman Map 3 - Hartman Map 7 -
Hartman Map 4 - Hartman Map 8 -


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