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 Some Coastal Survey Mapsof the Jersey Shore and Delaware River - 1830s-40s

+The United States Coasta Survey was set up in 1807 but for a varity of reasons, got of to a slow start. The department gained traction and funding during the Jackson administrationand work began in earnest.The surveys here date mostly from the 1840sand represent the first organized reprentations of New Jersy's coast.

It should be noted that these are not scans of the originals. The surveys were created in the 19th century. In the 1930s, the surveys were copied using some sort of photostatic process. These copies, or at least some of them, were then darkened or enhanced by WPA cartographers. The copies, or at least one set of them, ended up at the University of Alabama. There, the copies werescanned and placed online with a huge collection of other maps, all in Mr. Sid format. A few years ago, folks from the university allowed me to download a number of maps because there was, at tha time,t no online viewer for Mr Sid files that worked on my computer. Since I've had these for a bit, I figured I'd share them. Just bear in mind that the quality of the surveys varies and that as maps go, they aren't as user friendly as the big county maps or atlases elsewhere on this sitethis site.

Adittional surveys of the coast of NJ may be viewed at the Alabama Maps Site. Downloads now cost 5 dollars per map. The originals are held at the National Archives in Washington DC.

T-0063 - Nantuxet Cove, Ben Davis Point to Stoney Point - 1841 T-0154 - Cape May Court House - Dyers Creek and Goshen - 1842
T-0119_1of2 - Barnegat to Little Egg Habour - 1840-41 T-0155 - Greenwich to Salem - 1842
T-0119_2of2 - Barnegat to Little Egg Harbor P2 - 1840-41 T-0156 - Salem Creek to Penn's Grove - 1843
T-0121 - From Hickey and Cedar Bonnet to Barnegat Inlet - 1839 T-0157_1 of 2 - Egg Island to Cohansy Creek - 1842
T-0127 - The vicinity of Princeton - 1840 T-0157_2of2 - Dennisville to Newport - 1842
T-0137 - Part of New Jersey - Kingston - Rocky Hill vicinity - Somerset County - 1841 T-0161_2of2 - Penns Grove to the Lazaretto - 1842
T-0140_1 of 2 - Stoney Point to Penns Neck - With Peapatch(Fort Delaware) and Reedy Islands and Delaware City - 1848 T-0162_1 of 3 - Coopers Point to Pea Shore - Pettys Island Philadelphia - 1842
T-0140_2 of 2 - Stoney Point to Elisinborough or Salem Point - Black Bird Creek to Saint Georges Creek - 1848 T-0162_2 of 3 - Eight mile pint - Pensauken creek - Camden and Amboy RR - Bridesburg
T-0141_1of 3 - Deep Creek to Mad Horse Creek - 1848 T-0163 - Extension from Penns Grove
T-0141_2 of 3 - South of Stow Creek to Arnolds Point - Bombay Hook Point - 1848 T-0164 1 of 2 - Mantua Creek - Paulsboro - F0rt Mifflin
T-0141_3 of 3 - Ben Davis Point to Chhansey Creek - Duncks Beach - 1841 T-0164_2 of 2 - Around the Mouth of Mantua Creek - From the Lazaretto to Mouth of the Schulkill
T-0142 - Leeds Pint to Lakes Creek - 1841 T-0165_3 of 5 - Phliadelphia vicinity - Camden and South Camden
T-0143 - Bakersville to Great Egg Harbor Bay - 1841 T-0165_4 of 5 - Vicnity of Philadelphia
T-0144_1and2of2 - Mercer and Bucks County - 1841 T-0167Delaware River from Forresdale to Burlington and Bristol - 1843
T-0146 - Great Egg Harbor Bay and vicinity - 1842 T-0171 -Delaware Canal and Tullytown - 1845
T-0147_1 of 2 - Cape May Courthouse - Townsends Inlet to Hereford Inlet - 1842 T-0172 - From Bordentown to Trenton - 1843
T-0147_2 of 2 - From Great Egg Harbor to Townsends Inlet - 1842 T-0173 - From Newbolds Island to White Hill - 1843-44
T-0148 - Hereford Inlet to Cape May Lighthouse - 1842
T-0149 - Part of the Penninsula of Cape May - 1842  
T-0153_1 of 2 - Goshen Vicinity - Esst Goshen -West Creek - 1842  
T-0153_2 of 2 - Delaware bayshore - CapeMmayLight almost to Goshen Creek - 1842  


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