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History of Nova Cæsarea

Samuel Smith's 1765 book, History of Nova Cæsarea is one of those rare works which have the rare distinction of both laying a firm foundation and setting the bar high for all the books that followed it. Smith covers the history of the Jerseys from their seventeenth century beginnings right up through the mid eighteenth century. Whether used as a reference of read from end to end, this book is an excellent introduction to the early history of New Jersey

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Introduction Chapter 14
Chapter 1 Chapter 15
Chapter 2 Chapter 16
Chapter 3 Chapter 17
Chapter 4 Chapter 18
Chapter 5 Chapter 19
Chapter 6 Chapter 20
Chapter 7 Chapter 21
Chapter 8 Chapter 22
Chapter 9 Chapter 23
Chapter 10 Chapter 24
Chapter 11 Appendix 1
Chapter 12 Appendix 2
Chapter 13


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