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Gloucester County Slavery Records - Warrants



Gloucester County ss ) To the Sherrife of the County of Gloucester or Deputy.

Whereas this day John Collins Junior brought this Neggor Man before me John Kay one of the Kings justices of peace for Glo; County he saith his name is Marmaduck and that his Master lives in Maryland & as we understand him his Name is Thomas Masters. The Complaint ageanst his is that this last night John Collins the Elder found him in his Seller, Endeavoring to take provission, and to Escape being taken & Secured have cut & Wounded said John Collins very much in his arme & Divers other places so that he have lost much blod. These are therefore in the Kings name To Will and Require you to Receive, the Said Neygor man and him Keepe in Safe Custody in the County Goal untill his Master can have knowledge and make Restitution, or otherwise he be Delivered by due course of Law, for which this Shall be your warrant, and herein you are Required not to faile, Given under my hand & sealle this Sixteenth day of May in the Eleventh year of the Raigne of King George the Second over Great Brittain H: Anno Domini 1738

John Kay


Negro Marmaduke &c




Gloucester Ss

To the Constable of the Town of Gloucester


you are hereby Required forthwith to warn John Collings of ye Township of Waterford yeoman and Daniel Garrat of ye Same place Carpenter to be and appear before his Majostys Justices of ye peace for ye County of Gloucester Together with five principal Freeholders at ye Court house at Gloucester on the Eleventh day of July next by ten of ye Clock in ye Forenoon To testify their knowledge Concorning a Certain negroes attempting to kill, wounding, and maiming of them ye Sd John Collings and Daniel Garrat, and hereof Fail not, and that you be there Likwise with this precept to Show how you have Executed ye Same, Given under our hands and Seals ye thirtieth day of June Ano Dom 1738.

John Kay
Alexr. Morgan
John Ladd, Junr.


Jno. Collings )
) Warrant.
Daniel Garrat )


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