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George Cook; Geological Survey of New Jersey 1888

This is a great set of Naps. They are some of the earliest topographic maps of New Jersey. They won't tell you where your ancestor's farm was, but they do deliver a good sense of of the pre-development "lay of the land" and a lot of other information about the state. The files are large and so far have required 60-90 seconds to load over broadband.

Kittatiny Valley and Mountain
Southwest Highlands
The Vicinity of Flemington
The Vicinity of Trenton
The Vicinity of Mount Holly
The Vicinity of Camden
The Vicinity of Salem
The Southern Inerior
The Vicinity of Bridgeton
The Vicinity of Cape May
The Vicinity of Egg Harbor
The Vicinity of Barnegat
The Monmouth Shore
Passaic Valley to the Raritan
Bergen, Hudson and Essex Counties
Northeastern Highlands
Central Highlands