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 Maps from D.L. Steward's Atlas of Cumberland County New Jersey - 1876

Steward's Atlas is a great resource. The maps show all kinds of detail. It represents, if you will, a sort of snapshot of the county from about 1875 or a bit before(it takes time to put this sort of thing together). I've learned all sorts of things during the course of building these pages.

It should be noted that this site contains scans of the maps only. In fact, a couple of the maps are are not not quite joined correctly due to slight differences in the scanned pages. This occurs with with the "centerfold", two page maps. Some of them are worse than I thought. Cope as you can for now. They'll get as fixed as best they can be eventually. Persons who need perfection in that respect, who prefer or require hard copy, or who wish to view the illustrations and other parts of the atlas will want to either head to the library or see about accquiring a copy. Still, most folks will find the maps posted here to be useful in one way or another.

The whole atlas can be purchased from the Cumberland County Historical Society

County and Townships
Cities, Towns and Villages
Cumberland County Bridgeton
Bridgeton Township Cedarville
Deerfield Township Deerfield Street, Greenwich and Heislerville
Downe and Commercial Townships Dorchester, Mauricetown, Roadstown and Bricksboro
Fairfield Township Fairton, Marshallville, Dividing Creek, Manamuskin Manor and Shiloh
Greenwich Township Millville
Hopewell Township North Vineland
Landis Township Port Elizabeth, Leesburg and Newport
Maurice RiverTownship Port Norris
Millville Township South Vineland
Stow Creek Township Vineland


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